Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Plans for the 4th of July Swim

The plans for the 4th of July Swim are as follows;

At this point we have 7 swimmers and 4 support people with kayaks or SUPs.  We will meet at our usual spot in Avila at 8 and carpool to the port, aiming for a swim start at 9.  We will be back in Avila about 10. Pot luck brunch on the beach after and finish up by shuttling people back to the port to pick up their cars.

If I don't like the conditions near the Harford Pier (too many seals or dirty water) I'll either swing farther to the west of the pier or start 100 M to the east at the dry dock ramp. You are all free to make your own call on this.

The current water temperature at the Harford Pier is 59.7 degrees.  :-)

You can see real time conditions at www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=pslc1 

Jon - Would you let the other lifeguards know about our plans and schedule.  Thanks!


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4/5 homework said...

Jon, I'm an open water swimmer from Northern CA, mostly swimming in the SF Bay and ocean. Also with the South End Rowing Club. Can I join in on your fun tomorrow on the 4th? Thanks. Hank. Hankstern@comcast.net