Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday, August 16.2015

We had a nice crowd today including a special guest, beautiful conditions, and I'm still nursing some tendonitis but I'm back in the water.  The water was flat and clean. The lifeguards got a water temperature of 68 degrees (!) and it felt like that was pretty close. Swimming today were Duke, Niel, Sylvia, Bret, Katy, Leslie, Tom, Rick, John Hampsey and Claudia and I may have missed one or two. We all went left to the end of the buoy line where we split up into several swims; I did the left half of the buoy line. Claudia did the left half twice. Sylvia did the entire buoy line. Duke, Bret, Katy, Leslie, Tom, Rick and John went to the end of the pier.  Bret, Katy and Leslie came in from the end of the pier while the remaining swimmers swam around  a boat on the west side of the pier and came back along the buoy line.

Hey, that is Rob Dumouchel dropping in while visiting the Central Coast 

This morning Dave Van Mouwerik began an attempt to swim across Estero Bay, a distance of 14.4 statute miles, from China Harbor near Harmony to Sponner's Cove in Montana de Oro.
As of this writing he was doing well and was schedule to complete his swim around 3 PM.
You can track his progress on his Twitter feed:

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