Monday, August 10, 2015

Sunday, August 9, 2015

August 9th

A happening crowd of dolphins gathered below the stairs, 14-15 swimmers in all. There were several new people and I was unable to snag all their names. Water temp was about 62, the air calm, the sea smooth.  We all entered the water together, briefly regrouped at the first buoy, then headed south and linked up again at the last buoy. At that point Dave VM, Dale, and Dave’s nephew followed the buoy line back, went under the pier and to the creek and back. The rest of us went on to Fossil Point, stopping just sort of the caves. The water felt lush and Zen-like. We were in the zone! The group split again, with Rick and Duke and Stephanie heading out to the end of Avila pier, and the rest of us swimming the buoy line to the pier. Some of the new people headed in, but Brandon and I headed under the pier and swam just short of the creek before returning back and in. Our swim was about a mile and a ¼, and Duke’s swim was about the same distance. Upon our return the wind had arrived and with it some strong rolling waves.  A half hour later, though, the air and sea were strangely calm again, and some light clouds and humidity enveloped us. Thus, we had three different climate experiences over 90 minutes!
It was great to have new people join our group.  Till next Sunday.
--John Hampsey

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