Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Avila Beach was warm and sunny today with almost no wind, 2' waves with nice clear water and the buoys are back for the season.  There was almost on one in the ocean.  I waded out and got a water temperature of 51 degrees in knee deep water.  The shallow water inside the waves is usually warmer than that which is outside the surf line so most beachgoers were finding it too chilly.  We confirmed this during the swim. The water temperature was about 1 degree lower outside the surf and the water between the Poly and Avila Piers was probably two degrees colder yet.
We had a big group today with some new faces; Niel, Christina, Heidi, Duke, Amy, Jim, Sam, Sydney, John Hampsey, Pete, Maria, (both had done the SLO 1/2 marathon this morning), Margarite, Sara and Sue.
Most people swam the route in the plot. Christina (this was her first ocean swim and no wetsuit) and Sam doubled back from the stop at the creek. Jim didn't come in along the pier but continued to the last buoy on the east side of the pier and came back parallel to the beach. 
I lost track of one or two people.

Getting in

Grouping up at the Avila Pier

Part of the group at the creek mouth

Sue, Jim, Sydney and Duke at the Cal Poly Pier

Sydney, Duke and Margarite

The water temperature should have bottomed out today so we should start seeing conditions more supportive to longer routes in May.


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