Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday, April 9th, 2017

Avila Beach was about 60 degrees and cool with thin clouds blocking the sun.  There was an offshore breeze, occasional 3'+ waves and the water looked really clean. The Blue Water Task Force samples on Thursday showed the Avila Beach and the creek mouth to be well under the limit for bacteria but the estuary and the creek beyond were all up to 5x above the limit. An inch of rain on Friday complicated things because there was no way of knowing if the rainfall had pushed the creek's bacteria load into the ocean. We talked it over and decided to stay away from the mouth of the creek. I was able to get a water temperature of 51 degrees from the pier.

Niel, Jonny, John, Amy and Heidi decided to start out with last week's short course and see if we felt like more once we arrived back at the pier. 

Avila Beach and the pier from halfway to the end of the pier. 
 There was a one or two degree temperature drop when we got beyond the surf line. 
Jonny and Amy at the end of the Avila Pier.

John and Heidi at the end of the Avila pier. The Cal Poly (formerly Unocal) Pier is in the background.

Niel at the end of the second leg. No my foot is the first tar blob that I have picked up in a long time.
I'm glad that I still carry shop towels and baby oil in my beach bag.

Heidi at the same spot. The water was very flat and clear.
Great swimming conditions except for the chill. 


John, Amy and Heidi

Trying to frame John and Heidi with my feet wasn't so easy.
John, Amy and Heidi were getting cold so we came in. I had a distance of .93 miles. 
The wind had died down, the clouds cleared off and it got nice and warm on the beach after the swim.
We'll have to think of something fun to do for our next swim on  Easter Sunday.


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