Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sunday, April 15, 2018

We had springlike conditions today at Avila Beach. It was gray with clearing overcast, cool, no wind, 2' to 3' waves with clear and cold water. The water temperature was 50 to 52 degrees and the swimming conditions were excellent.  Swimming were regulars Niel, Jonny, Karen and Duke who were joined by Tom and Sue whe we haven't seen in a while and we were joined by Matti and Ivana. Matti is a strong swimmer but this was her first swim with us and Ivana's first ocean swim ever. The buoys are in. All eight have been replaced with new ones that are easier to see.
The plan was to swim the buoy line but immediately broke up into 3.5 different swims; Niel, Jonny and Karen did the swim in the plot. Duke and Ivana went down a few buoys and back but spent a half hour in the water getting used to this ocean thing.  Tom, Matti and Sue (the fastest swimmers) also followed the route in the plot but at the end of the pier Tom and Matti went to the last buoy at the creek and back to the start while Sue (with no wetsuit) swam over to the Cal Poly Pier and back to the start on her own. The extra time in the water was not an issue for her. Sue lives in London and drops in with us when she is here visiting her son. She swims in the Long Water in Hyde Park year round and admittedly stops getting in when the water drops below 7°C, which is 44.6°F. She thought today's conditions were 'lovely'.

Qualifications for the lifeguards were underway.

That is Matti and Karen at the first buoy with Jonny, 
Tom, Duke, Ivana and Sue in the background

Jonny, Karen, Duke, Ivana and Matti at the first buoy.


Karen back at the start

Jonny back at the start


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