Sunday, April 29, 2018

We had full spring conditions today at Avila Beach; sunny with a few fleecy clouds, a light wind at 10:30 that would steadily build to really blowing, moderate surf in 4 to 5 wave sets with long flat breaks in between and very clear and cold water. I measured a water temperature of 52 degrees in the surf line with what felt like a 2 to 3 degree drop beyond the breakers.  49 or 50 degrees is about as cold a water temperature that I have measured at Avila Beach. 

Swimming today were John, Jonny, Maria, Pete, Tom, Niel, Duke, Ivana and Heidi. Maria and Pete had been pacers in this mornings SLO 1/2 marathon and Ivana was part of a four runner relay sponsored by Jamba Juice, so she rain in a banana costume.

The plan was to swim the buoy line to the east, go to the end of the pier and then, depending on water temperature and wind, swim either to the Cal Poly Pier or to the west end of the buoy line, before returning to our starting point. At the end of the pier everyone was numb enough to choose the shorter route. I had 1.22 miles. I don't know why I have a crazy dance in the plot on the west side of the pier.

Maria brought her waterproof camera and Jonny took today's pictures

It was warm on the beach. 
Tom, Duke, Heidi and John about to get very cooled off.

Duke and John at the east end of the buoy line 
with Avila Pier in the background

John on his way to the end of the Avila Pier.
Niel and Heidi at the east end of the buoy line

Maria at the end of the pier.

Pete at the end of the Avila Pier

Pete and swimmers heading towards the west end of 
the buoy line at the mouth of SLO Creek. 

The whole group on the same heading.

The wind continued to strengthen rapidly and by the time we were dry and settled on the beach whitecaps had formed and come in to the end of the Avila Pier and within another half hour they were in to the surf line.


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