Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sunday, August 4th, 2019

 Avila Beach was unusually full of fog and thick low clouds that didn't look like they were going to clear.The water was flat, 61 degrees and showed no signs of red tide. 
Today's group consisted of Niel, Heidi, Leslie, Andy, a friend of Jonny's who was joining us for the first time, Maria, Erin, who has been simming at Avila but liked the idea of getting in with some other swimmers, Mary Anne and Jonny.
We swam the triangle counterclockwise for 1.12 miles. Maria and Erin went bareback.


Sorry about the water droplets.
That is Jonny on the far left, Erin behind the drop, Heidi, Andy and Maria
at the last buoy on the right of the pier.
At the end of the pier Leslie went off the front because she was getting cold and Heidi went in along the pier. This is Maria and Erin at the last buoy on the left of the pier.
Jonny and Andy at the last buoy on the left. 

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