Monday, October 26, 2020

Saturday, October 24, 2020

 By Hillary:

Grace and Teresa had an early start and were already on the way to the Poly pier when I jumped in. Leslie jumped in just after me. We all did our own thing with Leslie and I finding each other at the end of the swim at bouy 2. Leslie though she was going to get eaten by a shar... er, lifeguard. And we waved at our new swimmer whose name now escapes me (he didn't jump in today), but he is 88 and just got a new neoprene swim cap.

Flat and glassy water, my watch measured 59°F, but it felt colder with the overcast skies. East of the pier the water was a bit brown. West of the pier the water was clear, but the creek mouth smelled like not-ocean. 

There was a whale hanging out with a massive bait ball about 1,000 yards off the piers.

We all met up at the showers, none of us with hot water. 

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