Saturday, October 31, 2020

Saturday, October 31, 2020

 Niel's back and the swimming is wonderful!

It was beautiful at Avila this morning at 9:30. It was sunny with a slight offshore breeze. You can always tell if the wind is offshore because when it is you can smell the hot grease from the Custom House on the beach. The water was flat and glassy with one seal cruising the surfline but no sign of any whales.  I measured a water temperature of 57 degrees from the pier.  

Swimming this morning were Hillary, Brittany and Niel.

I've been out of the water for 5 weeks, 3 with pneumonia and then two traveling, so this was an exploratory swim for me. I planned to go down and back along the left half of the buoy line and be happy if that felt good. Brittany and Hillary did a triangle, Brittany dropped off and Hillary went around a second time.   
Brittany, Hillary and Niel getting in. 

Hillary and her flotilla heading off down the buoy line. 

Niel and Brittany at the start

Brittany and Hillary at the last buoy. We split up here, I went back to the start and they headed to the end of the Avila Pier on the second leg of the triangle.

Hillary's 5 minute video with a nice underwater segment is at
Hillary's photos:


I'll be back tomorrow morning at 9:30.


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