Friday, January 1, 2010

Friday, New Year's Day, 2010

We had very nice conditions and a great turnout of our New Years Day swim. It was overcast with an air temperature in the mid-60's that felt quite warm when the sun peaked through. The sea was flat with no wind and small surf. The water temperature was a unseasonable and very welcome 59. The Health Department had posted a water quality warning early in the week but it was cleared on Wednesday. Tom Lorish (wetsuit) swam out from the beach to the end of the pier to escort us back in. Niel, Mat Farmer, Kevin Watkins, and at 72, Sylvia Glenn jumped off of the the end of the pier (no wetsuits). Dale (wetsuit) and Leslie (no wetsuit) went in off of the floating dock at the end of the pier. The support crew who carried our stuff, took the pictures and created the energy to make it possible consisted of; Big Steve and Nan, Duane and Linda, Matt's whole family, Fred Casillas and Tom Mc Neill and Moodie. We had an outstanding pot luck lunch on the beach with more food than we could finish. I had a great time and look forward to seeing everyone at the beach in the coming year. Give me a day or so to get the pictures posted on the website.


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