Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday, Jamuary 3, 2010

If you were out here from Ohio for the Rose Bowl game, today's weather would make it very hard to go home. It was clear and sunny at Avila with just a slight offshore wind. The air temperature was in the upper 60's and the water was back to a seasonally correct 54.5. I continue to thank the ocean gods for that nice bump up in the water temperature on New Year's Day. There have been some high tides and the wash line is up to the bottom of the stairs. There were some nice waves today but they were spaced out enough that getting in and out was not a problem. Rob and I swam around the pier and Sylvia got wet enough to enjoy the warm sun up next to the wall. Duke and Angela came by on their way out for a run. They are going to do a bike training camp and will be back at the beach in a couple of weeks.
Rob haas posted a selection of the pictures from New Year's Day on the blog at


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