Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday March 14th, 2010

Beautiful springtime conditions today; sunny, comfortable on the beach, some nice waves and a steady offshore breeze that was holding up the faces for the surfers and pushing the water temperature down. The water was 51 and reasonably clear with no silt washing out from the creek. I do not believe that I have seen that temperatuer since last spring. On the beach we had Sylvia and Kris and for swimmers we had Niel, Steve Mowrey and Andrew. It was great to see Steve, he is getting back into racing and has some events coming up. Andrew is a Masters swimmer from Fresno, was here with his family, had seen this blog and wanted to get in the ocean. We swam both halves of the buoy line and I found myself more comfortable with the water temperature than I thought I would be. Outside of the water temperature we had very nice swimming conditions.
Dave VanMouwerik came by and visited for a while. He was here with his son and two other friends get in some ocean swimming time before next Saturday when his son will be trying out for the Avila Life Guards. Good luck to him.


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