Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday, March7th, 2010

It was sunny and warm on the beach except for when the clouds were hiding the sun. The water temperature was 55.5and the tide was way out. The water was clean enough for a swim except for directly in front of the creek where it was muddy. Not much in the way of waves. The wind was coming up but there were no whitecaps. I decided to swim the triangle on the left side of the pier both ways, clock ways and then counterclockwise. The wind pushed up the chop quite quickly so I had a rougher swim than I expected requiring that I work out where and how to breath and to stay loose for those occasions when my reaches ended in air instead of water. It took me 40 minutes. There never were any whitecaps. The wind seemed to die down after I got out and Kris and I had a very pleasant lunch on the beach.


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