Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday March 21st, 2010

Niel and Pete make their way into the ocean

Today was a great day to swim. It was sunny with thin clouds and no wind. The ocean was as flat as it gets and very clean looking with no chop or swell and just an occasional 2' breaker to ruffle the surface. The water temperature was back up to a more seasonal correct 54. Swimming today were Rob Dumouchel, Steve Mowrey, Pete, who is from Atascadero for his first time swimming with us, Dani, who swam with us last summer and Niel. Sylvia and Kris were on the beach. We swam the triangle route counterclockwise. Rob brought along a waterproof camera (tied to the leash of his wetsuit) so there may be some photos.

For anyone who is interested in swimming with us please check the website for details on how to find us and when we swim.

Now that the time has changed we are going to try swimming Wednesday evenings. Rob and I are swimming this Wednesday(3/24) at 6PM, same location as on Sundays. If it works well we will keep doing it. Clam chowder afterwards is a real possibility. A bowl at the Avila Market is $6.50, or about $10 at the Custom House.


Niel and Pete at the end of the pier

Dani coming around the pier

Niel and Steve plotting the next leg of the swim

Rob taking a break

shot of the pier from the water

Rob and Niel getting suited up, Sylvia hanging out in the background

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