Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday Evening, June 2nd, 2010

It was an absolutely beautiful summer evening at Avila Beach. The air was much warmer than it was in San Luis Obispo with a light but gusty breeze. The water had shot up to 60 degrees (!) with some small surf. We had 9 swimmers; Steve, Niel, Pete, John, Ryan, Rob, Lynn, Bob and, sorry, but I missed someone. The group did about 1.5 miles, along the buoy line and out around the pier. Bob and I got out got out early (I'm nursing a sore shoulder). Rob saw a dolphin off of the end of the pier. They are always a welcome site and I think that that is the first one of this season. I'll be swimming Sunday but a lot of people with be doing the Morro Bay Triathlon and Rob is doing the Around Alcatraz Swim on Saturday.


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