Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday August 1,2010

Our cold summer weather continues. It was very gray at Avila his morning with thick clouds all the way of the horizon. Visibility was fine but there was no warmth. The water temperature was 57.5, a little wind with a lot more south in it than is usual, (more typical of when we are expecting rain) but no real chop and an occasional 3+ft. wave. The water was dirty, possibly because to the southern wind. No fishermen on the pier, virtually no birds or any sign of sea life. Niel, Sylvia, Brittany and Chad swam. Rick and Rhonda enjoyed lunch on the beach. We swam the buoy line. Brittany dropped off at half way. The water was oddly warmer on the creek side of the pier. This was not a major swim but afterwards I felt good, Sylvia was smiling and I think it helped Chad cure his jet-lag.

I'll be here on Wednesday evening.


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