Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

It was another morning of gray sky but no fog at Avila Beach this Sunday. There was a little wind that was coming and going and not very many people on the beach yet. The water temperature was 57 and the water was very clear and green. Other than the few fishermen who were just showing up on the pier I saw no seals, pelicans or any signs of other carnivores looking for a meal. While we were getting suited up I saw an otter, or a very small seal in the surf line but it didn't stay around long enough for a firm identification. Swimming today were Joe, Niel, Pete and Chad. Joining us today was Kelley, who is from Clovis and came over for her first swim in the ocean. Dale did a run-by to say Hi! She is not swimming or riding until her left elbow heals from a minor bike accident. WE went in on the right side of the pier and out to the buoy line. We swam to the last buoy at the creek and regrouped. Kelley was doing fine with the temperature, her new wetsuit and the slight chop and was proving to be a fast swimmer too. We swam from the buoy to the second set of crossbars on the Poly Pier and retraced our route back to the buoy line, along it to and under the Avila Pier and in to the beach. The distance was probably just over a mile and I had a total of 40 minutes in the water.

Rob and Sylvia were in Long Beach at the Naples Island swim this weekend.

I forgot to mention that Pete recently completed the Vineman Triathlon, which was his first attempt at a full ironman race.


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