Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday, August 8,2010

There was a very thick marine layer hanging over the central coast this morning. Avila was very gray, cool and still. The water was flat and glassy but the water temperature had slid down to 55.5 from a nice 60 on the previous Wednesday evening. The predator report indicates some changes besides the water temperature. There were over a dozen fishermen on the pier this morning and they were all out at the end of the pier. There were also 4 or 5 groups of seals also out at the end of the pier. Whatever was going on, apparently that was the place to be. We elected to avoid the end of the pier and swim the buoy line. Swimming today were Niel, Rob, Duke (who was the overall winner of the Bull Canyon Tri yesterday!) Silvia, Susan, Pete and joining us for the first time; Joe. We have now lost the last buoy on the left hand side of the pier. Don't know what happened, it is just not there now. This leaves us with two buoys making the line on the left side with and the stray buoy that has been out on the reef since spring. I do not know what this means for the definition of the 'no boats/swimming' area. Anyway, we took the opportunity to do a swim along the line of the buoys and extending it along the length of the beach almost all of the way to Fossil Point and back. This was probably about a mile.
Rob and I will be here on Wednesday evening. Rob and Sylvia are doing Naples Is. in Long Beach next weekend. I'll be at Avila.

Yesterday Dave Van Mouwerik successfully completed the 12.4 mile channel crossing from Anacapa Is. to the mainland. I don't have any details but congratulations to Dave! That's huge.


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