Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rob and I met at Avila today for a swim before tonight's storm. Because of the rains neither of us had been in the ocean in a week and with Rob's Pier to Pier swim this Saturday he needed to keep his cold water mojo going. The weather at Avila was warm, sunny and surprisingly crowded. A lot of people apparently have this week off and came to the beach with their kids. As warm and sunny that it was, almost nobody was in the water. The county's website still has Avila posted as closed, but the notice is from 12/20 and has not been updated. The water was pretty clear, better than it is in the summer when the plankton is heavy, and 56 degrees. There were no signs posted indicating closure. The only birds around were a flock of ducks down towards Fossil Point. Rob and I spent 35 minutes swimming the big triangle route clockwise. There was just a small chop coming out of the SW to make things a little interesting. By the time we were done the weather was changing and clouds were moving in.

When we were getting out of the water we were met by a reporter from the Tribune. There will be a story about Rob and his winter Pier to Pier Swim in the next few days. Rob is doing this swim as a fundraiser for the SLO Food Bank. You can donate at www.robaquatics.com

The New Years Day Avila Dolphins swim and pot luck lunch will be at 1 PM this year. Since Rob is doing the pier to pier swim Avila to Pismo, that will give Rob and myself (I'm paddling for him) time to get back to Avila.

AND IF THAT IS NOT ENOUGH, we will be swimming at 11 on Sunday too.


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