Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

2 of us met up for a swim today at 2pm. There were some good sized waves rolling through today, but unless you'd been watching the news yesterday you would have never known we had a tsunami warning up and down the coast just 24 hours earlier!

We did a Poly pier swim in some fairly cold water with some really active chop. Near the shore I measured 53.5, but further out and especially on the right side of the pier you could feel the temperature drop pretty substantially. As we swam to the Poly pier things really built up in the chop department, this was some of the roughest water I've seen in Avila in a few months. We wrapped up our swim with a little bodysurfing since the waves were big and then ran off to get on with the rest of our days.

See everybody tomorrow morning for our 11am swim, don't forget to set your clocks forward an hour!

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