Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday, March,6. 2011

It was just Sylvia and I today. Rob was in Pasadena at the CalTech pentathlon and the dreary gray overcast wasn't encouraging. In spite of the gray clouds the surface viability was great allowing clear views of Point Sal, which is 18 miles to the south. The CDF/Pismo Beach Lifeguards were doing some training on the west side of the pier. The water was very clear, and looking much nicer than last Sunday. The water temperature was 55.5. There was a small chop but the wind was dieing as we got ready and it was almost flat as we got in. It was also starting to spit fine rain. Sylvia had not been in in a few weeks so we planned a shortish swim. We went out to the buoy line and turned left, swam to the big rock at the end of the sea wall and came back to the pier. I'm a faster swimmer than Sylvia so I got in some extra distance by turning back when I got to the rock and once I met up with Sylvia I swam with her back to the rock. We did the same thing on the return to the pier. We were in for a half hour. Our chairs were wet and it was still spitting after we dried off so nobody was interested in hanging on the beach.


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