Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wednesday Evening, May 18, 2011

Niel, Rob and Ryan swam tonight. It had been very windy all day but Avila Beach was showing off when I got there at 5. There was only a light offshore breeze that would gust occasionally but this turned out to be its dieing gasps. This water was 55 degrees, clear and had only a rippled surface. We swam the 'classic' triangle route; Out on the left side of the pier, left to the last buoy of the line, turn right to the top of the Avila Pier, from there to the mouth of the creek at the end of the beach on the right side of the pier and back parallel to the beach, under the pier to our starting point and in. Rob measured this excursion as 1500 M. With all of the time we had spent visiting at the turning points we were in the water for 32 minutes. When we got out the wind had died completely and left us with a beautiful still evening at the beach with the sun setting into a big bank of fog that was pushing up against the hills behind the port. Pretty nice!


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