Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Not much swimming went on at Avila today. It seemed like everybody had a story of recent extremely sharky conditions at Avila or a siting near by, and even thought the conditions looked great only Gerry Gross swam. Dale started it off with a mid-week e-mail about a large shark that crused the stern of an acquaintance's boat while they were fishing off Diablo Canyon. Pete Kelly stopped by while we were discussing Dale's info and recounted how late Saturday afternoon Avila had the most sharky conditions he had ever seen; a ball of bait fish and feeding birds and seals that extended half the length of the buoy line. Gerry Gross showed up to swim and reported that late Friday, after he had gotten out of the water, that a group of 50 to 70 dolphins gathered to feed along the surf line.. Well, at this point Sylvia was had gotten deeply interested in Sunday's paper, Chad, who had done a biathlon Saturday, was just going to do a run, Duke announced that for once he was going to do the unexpected smart thing and say out, Rob was on the fence and I would have liked to swim but considered this a great opportunity to grab some extra time today to spend with my wife. That left Gerry, who swam by himself. The water was 60 degrees and there was only a slight breeze, so I hope he had a great time.
Rob and I will be back Tuesday for his swim into a party of Olde Port Beach and Wednesday for our regulary scheduled evening swim at 5:30.


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Swam Solo on Sunday. Temp at best 58. Very dark water conditions. Try jet black in spots. Kinda creepy! Couldn't see hands at bottom of pull. Maybe deep school of bait? Intermittent sun and chop spoiled the buzz, so bailed out at 50 min mark. OK conditions, but prefer not to be sole entree on the menu GER