Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunday, August 7, 2011

AT 10:15 the sun was coming out, there was no wind and the water was 59. About 100M south and west of the end of the Avila Pier there was a big boil of seals proposing back and forth through a ball of fish. Curiously, there were no birds joining in on this buffet. There were several otters feeding on either side of the pier and a group of porpoises headed west from the kelp patch that is between the left buoy line and the rock off of Fossil Point. By the time we were thinking about a route all of the action has stopped but we still decided to stay along the buoy line. This also fit the generally low level of gumption in the group. Sylvia was soaking up the sun, sinking into her chair and didn't swim. She looked very happy. Getting in were Susan James, Niel, Duke, Chad, Kim, Dale and Gerry Gross. We started to the left, went to the last buoy and came back to the pier. At this point people started pealing off. Chad and I made it to the lend of the line at the creek and back to the pier.
Rick and Rhonda rode by and filled us in on their European vacation which included a spot at the last turn at the Tour de France time trial. Matt Farmer also visited for a while.

Rob and I will be back on Wednesday evening.


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