Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wednesday Evening, August 3. 2011

Rob, Ryan and I leaned against the railing above the beach from 5:20 until almost 6, watching the pelicans dive on a mass of bait fish about 200M east of end of the Avila Pier. While we watched and debated swimming conditions v.s. feeding conditions the wind was moving scrum of birds and fish closer to the pier and the shore. I could not see any seals in the mix but nobody was comfortable deciding how much less sharky that made the conditions. Other than that, the water was 63 and choppy, but not whitecapped. Without the birds and the fish it would have been a good evening for a swim. Well, nobody was feeling really pressed to swim and the birds and fish were now moving towards the creek, so we let this opportunity pass. This is the first time we have scrubbed a swim since last winter and that was due to questionable water quality, not critters, so the ocean has been very welcoming.

We'll be back Sunday to swim at 11.


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