Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nothing Wrong With This

Just two days before Halloween and we had a beautiful summer day at Avila Beach for today's swim.  It was sunny, calm, cloudless and warm with an air temperature that started in the 70"s and  headed into hot later in the day.  There was no surge or current in the water and the temperature was in the high 50"s, I'd guess 57 - 58 degrees a glassy surface.  I'm guessing about the temperature because my new calibrated thermometer arrived Saturday and I switched it out without checking it over carefully enough.  At the beach I found out that about 10 degrees worth of the medium had separated and was stuck up at the top.  Bummer!  In any case the lack of a definitive number couldn't detract from such great swimming conditions.  Swimming today were Yvonne, Sylvia, Duke, Amy, Dale and Niel.  Chad and Casey were at the beach but going on a run.  The tide was just before full and with only small waves it was a good day to swim down to Fossil Point.  This swim is a short mile and consists of heading down the buoy line to the left (east) from the pier and continuing past the last buoy parallel to the beach until reaching the rocks of the point.  There is a nice photo of this swim on the opening page of our web site;  We grouped up at the first buoy and again at the last.  Dale decided to turn back at this point and the rest of us swam to the point.  We returned to the pier in one leg and headed in.  It was so comfortable in the water that we spent a lot of time gabbing after regrouping so we wound up in being in the water for 43 minutes while our swimming time was closer to 23.  The sun had warmed up the wall behind our chairs so it felt great to lean against after showering off.


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