Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wednesday Evening, October 20, 2011

Ryan and I pulled up at the same time and the water looked fabulous so we decided to not wait and to just jump in.  The wind that had been blowing in San Luis Obispo and out on the mesa was not to be found at Avila.  It was sunny and warm and the water was flat and glassy.  The only thing that was off was the color of the water; it was dark as if there was a mild red tide.  We decided to do a repeat of last Sunday's swim so we headed out to the buoy line and turned left.  I got comfortable really fast so I'd estimate the water temperature was 60.  The water was so flat the swimming was great.  From the last buoy we turned to the pier and swam directly into the glare from the setting sun.  On the third leg towards the creek the water warmed up even more and actually felt warm to the touch at times.  We finished off by swimming along the buoys from the creek, under the pier and turning in to the beach where we entered the water.   We were in for 34 minutes.


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