Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wednesday Evening, October 26, 2011

Rob and I met up for our last evening swim of the season. It was sunny, about 70 degrees and calm. I saw one otter along the buoy line on the east side and one pelican resting on the water inside the surf line. The water temperature was the same as Sunday, about 58 degrees. General agreement that the new replacement thermometer that I have been using seems to be reading high has prompted me to order a more accurate, certified thermometer. In the mean time we will go with the toe test method.
As we were getting ready to get in there was a surprise appearance by the Avila Beach AQUAMAN! Dressed for this final swim of the season he was ready to carve a path through the ocean in search of evildoers, or dolphins in need of instruction on their swimming technique.
In such company Rob and I humbly swam out to the buoy line, hung a left and swam to the end. After a brief reconnaissance of the conditions we headed to the end of the pier. When we paused at the end of the pier the sun was just slipping behind the hills behind Port San Luis. We swam in the shadows along the pier to the beach. As we were drying off a dolphin came in along the buoy line, possibly looking to do some speed work with AQUAMAN.

Rob and I will continue swimming on Sundays at 11, canceling only when storms cause the water quality to deteriorate.


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