Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It was just John and I out at the beach today. The skies were clear but there was a steady breeze blowing creating a little bit of texture on the water, nothing too crazy but enough to make the swim interesting. Water temps were running about 57 and it felt pretty cold getting in thanks to the wind. I've got an angry shoulder from my 6 mile Semana Nautica outing from this past weekend so I was only looking for a shorter swim and John was cool with that. We swam straight down the pier and then turned towards the far end of the buoy line on the Fossil Point side. For this leg I had John draft off of me for a little race practice since it was just us and that's not something we usually do on group swims. Out at the buoy we saw a couple paddleboarders dismount and free dive the kelp patch  where the old reef buoy used to be. John and I finished up with a swim back towards the pier and then into the beach. It was probably just shy of a mile. In the surf I stepped on something that forcibly wiggled out from under my foot... that was a new and exciting sensation!

In other news I've secured us a discount code for the Tinley Triathlons coming up at Lake Lopez. Enter the code: CLUB2512 to save $25 off of your registration. Fancy right? I think it works on all TriCalifornia events but I'm not totally sure.

See everybody on the beach this Sunday! And don't forget to join the Central Coast Open Water Google Group if you haven't already, that's where we've been planning new swims outside of the usual Wednesday/Sunday Avila outings.

Rob D.

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