Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday July 18, 2012

We had 5 swimmers (Rob, Dave VM, John S, Kurtis, and Steve) out for a decidedly non-summery Wednesday night swim. It felt more like November between the lighting and the water temperature. We didn't have Niel to get an official temp from the pier but the buoy is running 54-55 and there were patches that I wouldn't be surprised to find out were closer to 53.

We opted to do the triangle counter clockwise and started on the right side of the pier. Since people were fishing at the buoy line we aimed for the second buoy from the beach instead of the first one to avoid hooks and lines. At the tip of the pier we swung pretty wide but still ended up uncomfortably close to a line in the water that someone had way out.

As we wrapped up our slightly more than a mile long outing a few of us stayed in for a while to bodysurf a couple waves. There's a little bit of a south swell at the moment that was pumping in the occasional good sized wave for us to play on.

This was Kurtis and Steve's final tune up swim before taking on Alcatraz this weekend, good luck guys! We'll see everyone else on the beach this Sunday at 11!

Rob D.

More pics available here

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