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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Three Martini Swim

I accomplished a long time goal by completing a Three Martini swim at Avila Beach on Saturday.  This is a 10k/6.2 mile course made up of three laps around a triangular course.  The 'stem' of the glass is the length of the Avila Pier.  The 'glass' is a triangle made up by connecting the end of the Avila Pier, the end of the Poly Pier and the rock off of Fossil Point.  A lap around the glass is 2 miles.  Add in the in and out along the pier and you have 10k. 
The water temperature was 57 degrees.  Rob and Beth Barnes had volunteered to paddle for me.  I got in at 8:20AM.  There was fog and low clouds but all three turning points were visible from the beach.  The first lap went smoothly.  there was a swell and current out of the SW theat was pushing us around a bit.  At the start of the second leg from the Poly Pier to the rock the fog had thickened around the point and we see the rock but could stills see the Avila Pier.  By the time we pulled even with the Avila Pier the fog had cleared and we continued on.  The sun came out at the beginning of the third lap and brought with it a rising wind.  The start of the last leg from the rock back to the Avila Pier was tough.  I was running out of gas and was swimming into a building chop.  As we got closer to shore the chop lessened and I found some more energy.  It felt good to swim in along the pier and stand up.  I was swimming for 3 hr. 49 min. 

Many thanks to Rob and Beth for keeping me safe, fed and well navigated.  I could not have done this without both of you.
Historical Note: 
Tom Lorish gave this route it's name after he, Pat Farrar and I completed one lap many years ago. 
Duke Parmelly is the only other swimmer to have completed a Three Martini swim.

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