Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday, August, 5, 2012

The water was 57 degrees and flat, with no swell or chop worth noting.  It was sunny, warm and calm.  There were a few pelicans and seals around.  We had a big group today; Niel, Monty and a friend who's name I did not get, Sylvia, Rob, Ed, Ruta, Dale, Rick, Byron, Susan and Gerry.  Allison accompanied us in her kayak.  There were boats forming up for a race near the end of the pier so we stayed to the buoy line today.  The route turned into however long each of us wanted to go along the buoy line, with most people doing between a mile and a mile and a half.  We had a few curious seals check us out and Allison and Rob took a short detour to investigate a good sized sea jelly.  

Dave VanMouwerik begins his Catalina Channel crossing attempt tonight at approximation 11:30PM.  You can follow his progress at


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