Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday, September 8., 2013

Today's swim plot is brought to you by Operator Error
and a completely dead battery at the start of the swim.  :-/

We had a nice group today made up of Niel, Sylvia, Duke, Tom, Amy and her brother Bo, John H., Brad, Casey, Gerry, Fred who came up from Santa Maria for his first swim with us and Ali and Robin who were first timers.  The water was 61 degrees with a steady but small chop out of the SW.  There was thick, low overcast, almost fog everywhere. There was also a lot of hopeful looking fishermen but I did not hear a seal or see a pelican or cormorant or any other sign of fish or bait being around when I was on the pier taking the water temperature.  
The general idea for the swim was to do the regular triangle clockwise but as usual there were several variations.   When we formed up at the last buoy Amy and John H. decided to stick to the buoy line.  They continued on down to Fossil Point, returned all of the way to the last buoy at the creek and came back to the pier.  Sylvia stayed with Ali and Robin who on their first time out swam the east half of the buoy line.  The rest of the group swam to the end of the pier where Brad headed in and we poised for Leslie who was taking pictures of us from the end of the pier.

The rest of us swam to the creek buoy and back to the pier where we found Rob.  He and Byron were accompanying a group of Rob's swimming friends from LA who were attempting to swim around every pier in SLO County today.  They had begun in San Simeon at 7 AM and were working their way south.
Leslie Lorish grabbed this shot of the LA group circling the Avila Pier. 

We will still be swimming Wednesday evenings at 5:30 until some point after the time changes and we loose too much light.


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