Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wednesday Evening, September 11, 2013

Things looked good for a nice swim this evening.  The water was 60 degrees (maybe), it was sunny with scattered clouds, there was a steady SW breeze pushing a wind chop and current. There were a lot of fishermen on the pier, all grouped up along the surf line, but the single cormorant that I saw swallow a fish seemed to be the only one catching anything.  There were no other birds or seals in sight.
Swimming tonight was Mark, Marie, Susan, Niel, Tom, Raven and Stephan.  Raven lives in Madera.  He had been in King City working on a photovoltaic installation and wanted to get in the ocean so he found us through the website.  He said that he wasn't too concerned about the water temperature because his thermostat seemed to be set extra high.  I loaned him a cap to go with the goggles and the shorts he was wearing.  Marie and Susan were going to swim the buoy line.  The rest of us set off to do an easy triangle.  I went through three temperature zones just getting out to the buoy line.  When we formed up at the end of the buoy line we waited for Raven, who was steady and comfortable swimmer but slower than the group.  He was all smiles and enjoying himself and joined us on the swim towards the end of the pier.  Tom and I both stopped to check on him because he stopped several times and seemed to either be having some trouble with his goggles or found swimming into the chop to be uncomfortable.  It turned out that he was having a great time and kept stopping just to enjoy the beautiful views around the bay.  I guess that the rest of us could learn something here.  Mark headed in along the pier while the rest of us headed towards the creek.  The water was very warm and funny tasting near the creek, so we swam back towards Raven (the bump in the plot) and then swung back along the buoy line, under the pier to the first buoy and in.  Mark had picked up Susan and Marie and helped Susan get to shore.  The cold water had caused her asthma to flare up and she was having some difficulty breathing.  They all got out OK but Susan will be doing her open water swimming at Lopez until Avila warms up.
We were in the water for 47 minutes and covered just over a mile.


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