Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday Evening, April 30,2014

It was about 80 degrees at Avila this evening.  The water was 55 degrees, which makes this another Warm Wednesday after Sunday's 50.  There was a steady wind out of the WSW and wind waves that were not quite forming whitecaps. I was by myself and swam the triangle counterclockwise. I covered just over a mile, enjoyed myself and with the current and chop got a nice workout.

There is no plot tonight because the FINIS Bridge software has lost its mind.  I gott'a say, the FINIS Hydro Tracker is capable of some nice things and is reasonably priced, but the device in in serious need of an updated version to make it more user friendly and the software is slow and prone to crashes. It would not let me log in this evening, even after changing my password and then removing and reloading the Bridge software I could not upload data to the FINIS website.  I'll see if they can fix this tomorrow.


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