Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday Evening, April 9, 2014

Warm Wednesdays are Back!

Last summer the water was almost always warmer on Wednesday evenings than it was on Sundays.  Last Sunday the water temperature was 52 degrees. This evening it was 58!
Sylvia and Yvonne swam without wetsuits and felt (no pun intended) that the water was truly 58 degrees.  Even in my wetsuit the water on my face and feet had lost the 'edge' that it has at 55 and below.   There was a gusty wind from left to right along the beach that was pushing a steady current and a chop that was just not quite big enough to start breaking.  We also have our buoys back. Yvonne and Sylvia did the east half of the buoy line.  I did to whole length, which at 1500 meters means that for this summer a buoy line swim will be just under a mile.


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