Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday, July 13. 2014

Avila Beach was warm, calm and sunny with a water temperature of 60.5 degrees.  We had a big crowd today; Niel, Rick, Duke, Sara (who was visiting Avila from the bay area), Ali, Kurtis, Jon, Stephen, Mary, Will and Dan.  We swam the triangle clockwise at a fast pace.

Dave Van Mouwerik Swam the Semana Nautica 10k today. No results posted at this time.

Rob swam a fundraiser in Humboldt Bay today. This was a tide aided 4.5 miler.

You can see a news clip about it here
and see Rob doing his famous chicken dance.  Watch for his post about his swim.

I'm interested in doing the Santa Cruz 1 Mile Rough Water Swim again this year.  It is on Saturday August 2nd.  $35 before July 25th.  This is a Masters swim so if you want to enter, get some of the great swag they give away and to have a time posted you need to be a member of Masters and do the swim without a wetsuit.  There are always some people who don't enter and go with the rubber.  The water temperature in Monterey Bay has been 58 -59 degrees so this would be a good year to do this swim.  I'd do it as a day trip from SLO and car pool.

Interested?  Email me at


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