Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wednesday Evening, July 2, 2014

Bonnie Zaikowsky and I swam this evening.  The wind was still up, out of the SW and making small whitecaps. The water was 60.5 degrees.  Again, quite a few people fishing from the pier but no sign of the birds, seals, dolphins or other predators that usually follow the smaller fish. Bonnie had swum with us before but had not been in ocean in 2 years so we planned on swimming out to the first buoy and then down the line to see how it was for her getting back in the ocean.  It turned out that she had difficulty getting relaxed enough to breath easily.  We stopped and talked but when we reached the second buoy she decided to go in and play in the surf and work on getting used to the water.  I'd done a lot of meters that morning in the pool so I was happy with a half triangle.  The chop put an edge on the conditions but it wasn't bad and the water temperature was great.  At 6:30 the wind had died away, the ocean had glassed off and it was a beautiful evening.


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