Monday, December 29, 2014

Sunday, December 28,2014

I was not at the beach so this report is by John Hampsey.

Swimming today were Pete, Rick, Tom, Stephanie, Bo, Amy, Dale, and myself. Niel was on vacation. Pete went in first and did his heroic bare-back swimming. The rest of us entered by the pier and swam south along the imaginary buoy line to just short of fossil point. The day was sunny, with a stunning blue sky and light wind. The water was clear and, according to our arterial Galileo thermometer, 57 degrees. Though the waves on shore were fairly small, there was a strong chop and current out at sea, especially as we headed from fossil point out to the end of the pier. At times my body felt toboggan-like crashing down between the chops of water. We stopped to gather at the end of the pier, except for Amy who apparently entered some kind of Zen-Proteus state and was about a 1/4 mile beyond the end of the pier when we hollered her back. Next we headed north toward the creek. I seemed to be the only one who thought the water smelled a bit funky the last 100 yards or so. Then, with the wind and current at our backs, we sailed back to the pier and walked out of the sea like gods. It was a great swim. The distance was 1.3 miles; exact swim-time unknown. 

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