Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday, December 7, 2014

We had very nice swimming conditions at Avila Beach today.  Thin high clouds, no wind, almost flat conditions, 3 foot surf and an amazing water temperature for December of 61.5 degrees.
Swimming today were Niel, Stephanie, Tom Lorish, Amy, Dale, Rick and John Hampsey. While the water in the ocean was very clear the recent rain has created toilet like conditions in San Luis Obispo Creek ( so we stayed on the east side of the pier, well away from the creek mouth. 

We covered 1916 M in a very relaxed 49 minutes, the warm conditions encouraging everyone to hang out at the turns and enjoy floating in the water. 

We have photos in the blog now because Santa came early with a Ricoh WG20, a very nice little waterproof camera.  Credit for my selection of this model goes to Rob, who having killed about half a dozen cameras of this type documenting his swim adventures found this model to be the most durable. 


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