Sunday, July 5, 2015

A 4th of July and Almost Duke's Birthday Swim

We had a great swim.  A large number of swimmers and support people turned out, the conditions were just about perfect and everyone had a good time.
There was high overcast, no wind and 60 degree water that was as flat and current free as it gets.
I counted 12 swimmers and 7 support people on SUP's and kayaks. I sorry but I did not get photos or names for everyone.
Swimmering were Chad 1, Rick, Duke, Rob, Niel, Amy Hewes, Tom Lorish, Amy Perposky, Hank, who joined us and swims with the South End Rowing Club/San Francisco Dolphins, Casey and more friends from the N. County tri community.
The support crew was Rhonda, Mark, Bryce, Brittany, Chad 2, Danilu,Cindy and Sharron.

The route was 1.84 miles. Mark was the lead on his SUP with the main pack. Bryce and I were several minutes back and Amy Hewes and Rob were a few minutes behind me. Thank you to Rob and a number of support people for hanging with Amy Hewes to keep her company. 

The start at the Harford Pier. The gulls chowing down on rock 
fish bones on the beach was a nice touch. 

Rob and Hank were our only 'naked' swimmers. 

That's Bryce. We are halfway between the Harford and Cal Poly piers. 
Lovely swimming conditions.

This is why having plenty of support people is important. I've just come around the end of the pier. During the leg to the Avila Pier a fishing trawler came in and began working both sides of the pier. I had Bryce stay close so they would give us plenty of room.

The third was Duke's birthday. Leslie made a batch of delicious carrot cake cupcakes for him. There was a bit of partying the night before so Duke is trying to count the cupcakes to help him remember what age group he is now in. 



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