Sunday, May 8, 2016

Rick's Cinco de Mayo Swim

Today was a beautiful day for a swim; sunny, comfortably warm and with the change in the wind the water temperature was up 7 degrees to 57 from last Sunday.  The wind was just starting to pick up as we were getting ready to get in. 
Swimming today were Pete, Niel. Elizabeth, Tom, Amy, John, Duke, Marcus and Rick.  Niel. Elizabeth, Rick, Duke, Marcus and Rick swam out to the first buoy and headed to the left. Amy and John got in a little behind the main group and Peter, as usual, did his own thing. The main group went out to the first buoy and swam down to the last buoy and back to our starting point. It was starting to get choppy. Elizabeth and Marcus headed in while the rest of the group swam to the end of the pier. It was very choppy at the end of the pier where we were exposed to the swell. At the end of the pier Rick proposed that we do The Sombrero Swim in honor of Cinco de Mayo, meaning we would finish by going in along the pier and then swim out and back along the other half of the buoy line.  There were white caps on the swell on this (the windward) side of the pier so we had some work to do but it was a nice swim and the warmer water felt great. 
Rick and Duke at the end of the buoy line on the left side of the pier.   

Elizabeth and Rick at the end of the buoy line on the left side of the pier.

Rick, Duke and Tom back at our starting point.

Marcus, at the same spot

Elizabeth at the same spot.
I'm going to try putting Rain-X on the camera lense to prevent drops from hanging on the lense.

Duke, Rick Tom and a new friend at the last buoy on the right side of the pier. 

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