Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Tom's Two Boats Swim

 We had a nice group today with conditions much like last Sunday; sunny, comfortably warm, 55 ish degree water and a NW wind that was building up as we were getting ready to get in. Swimming today were Niel, Jim, Leslie, Tom, Liz, Rick, Amy and John and a special school break drop in appearance by Rob Dumouchel with Dani Lu and Kelli. 
Why a Two  Boats Swim? Well, the plot did not pick it up but there was a sail boat moored on either side of the pier roughly in line with the course of the traditional Avila Triangle, so Tom's plan was to swim the triangle with a added counterclockwise loop around the sail boats. It looks like Garmin either ignored the circle or made it into a jog. 
The swim was great. The wind was from the lower left corner of the plot. The chop and current increased as we approached the end of the pier and got rough on the windward side. We got a nice push on the leg back towards the pier.  Amy and John Swam down the left buoy line to the point, to the end of the pier and in.
Liz, Tom, Jim and Leslie getting in

Rob Dumouchel back in the water

Rob says 'This is way nicer than Humboldt Bay in Eureka!'


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