Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Avila Beach was sunny and windy on Sunday. The water temperature was 52 -53 degrees with some colder spots. The wind was coming up as we got in and increased while we swam.  Everybody got in on the left (east) side of the pier.  Niel, Tom and Damian swam the triangle counterclockwise, Rick and Marcus got out to the first buoy and came in, John, Amy and Kate (her first time) went out to the buoy line and went left. Kate came in at the second buoy. John and Amy went to the last buoy, to the end of the Avila Pier and came into the second buoy on the right side of the pier. Peter Kelly did his own thing.

Tom at the first buoy
Damian at the first buoy. It was not too bumpy yet on this, the lee side, of the pier

Tom and Damian at the last buoy by the creek mouth, on the windward side of the pier.
The chop was quickly building up. 

Niel at the last buoy at the creek mouth.

Niel and Damian. Tom loves to take these shots.
Tom and Damian were cold when we got out. Cold water, no sleeves and a strong wind are a tough combination. John Hampsey was cold and he wears a full suit. 
An hour after we got in there were whitecaps forming all of the way in to where the surf was breaking.
Humpback whales are migrating past the Central Coast and can easily be seen off of the beaches north and south of Avila, but they have not come in clost to Avila Beach yet.  


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