Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tom's Birthday Swim

The Conditions: Partially cloudy, a light wind, small waves on an outgoing tide with an occasional chest high set and a water temperature of 55 degrees. There was no sign of last weeks red tide and the water looked nice and clear.
 The Swim:  It was just Tom and I. I assumed that the creek would be dirty after the rain and medding up the water quality on that side of the pier so we stayed on the other side. We swam out, down to the buoy at the reef, back to the end of the pier and in. 

Tom at the reef buoy.

Selfie at the reef buoy. 

Tom at the end of the pier.
Things did not work out this week for Tom's birthday swim (swimming a route that spells TOM) so we'll do it next Sunday. 


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