Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday, November 5, 2016


It was warm and comfortable at Avila Beach. The big swell that was pushing up 13 to 16 foot breakers on the west facing beaches today was producing waves that were overhead +2' in Avila. The tide was 1/2 way to full, the water was 60 degrees and full of silt. There were gaps between the sets when things flattened out but the period between the waves would vary between 15 and 7 seconds. Getting out would be dicey.
Niel, Tom, Sydney, Sammy and Michael waded in while Sylvia waited on the beach. Tom was the only one who made it outside on the first try. Niel and Michael made a second try and Michael made it out.  They swam to the end of the pier and back in and called it good enough. The rest of us watched from the beach. I lost my goggles in the surf, another donation to the water gods.  A pod of dolphins came by outside of the surfline while Tom and Michael were in the water.
The big surf will last until mid-week, sso we should have easier swimming next Sunday.

The lifeguards are done for the season and will be back in mid March.


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