Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday, March 12, 2017

It is suddenly spring at Avila Beach. 

There was nothing but sunny, windy and warm weather earlier in the week and it finished up with a summer day at the beach. It was warm with a very light wind. From the pier I measured a water temperature of 52 degrees in the surf line. 

The creek and the ocean water was nice and clean so we decided to swim the triangle. This was a 1.24 mile swim the way we did it today. 

Swimming today were Niel, Duke, Jim, Sydney, Sam, Jonny and John. Mark kept us company on his SUP.  We got a surprise getting in when the water temperature dropped about 2 degrees when we passed the surf line. Cold indeed!

Mark herding everyone together at the left end of the beach.
Sydney and Sam headed back along the beach from here.
Duke and Jim at the end of the pier. 

John and Jim performing a scientific experiment; are your toes colder in or out of the water?
I was just about comfortable with the temperature at this point. 
Duke and Jim at the mouth of the creek.
Jonny, Jim, John, Sydney, Sam, Dule and NIel

Every team needs a mascot and we have a warthog that Sam found on the beach..
This is the time of the year to think of doing some longer swims. Pat, Amy, myself and others are interested in swimming; out to the rock and back (1.5 miles), or maybe over to Smith Island (2.4 miles one way). For those swims we will need two and preferably three support paddlers. If anyone is interested in joining us to support a swim let me know at


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