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Sunday, March 26th, 2017



Today's blog is by John Hampsey

Sydney, Sam, Marie, Heidi, Amy, Jonny, and I swam today. Under a gauzy sky the weather was mild with a slight breeze and air temp about 65 degrees. Because of the recent rain, we thought it wise to stay south of the pier. There were regular sets of large waves cresting as we entered the water. After getting past the break, we headed out to the end of Avila Pier. The closer we got to the end of the pier, the choppier the water became, and there was also a strong current moving from the north-west making for a challenging and boisterous swim. We then headed south-east to the cliff. With the wind and current at our backs we seemed to be sailing along at times. After re-grouping at the cliff, we headed north along the shore, against the current, to the pier and in to the beach. Because the water was so clear, some got a prehistoric surprise as we passed by the reef buoy because of the large brown stands of kelp sprouting up in that area.

Swim time 44 minutes, distance one mile. The sun broke through for a while as we gathered on the beach afterward, so even though the water was a cold 53 degrees we all warmed up quickly. Fantastico swim for all!

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