Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sunday, November 17, 2019

That is not an island but Point Sal, about 19 miles from me on the
Avila Pier, poking up out of the fog.

Fall brings wonderful weather and great swimming conditions to Avila Beach. It was comfortable but not too warm on the beach. The water was clean and clear (for the Central Coast), warmish at 57 degrees and pretty flat. Today there was just enough chop and current to make sure that you didn't think that you were in a pool. 
Today we decided to do a simple clockwise triangle for just over a mile. Swimming today were Niel, Heidi, JoeAnne, Tom, Tim, Jonny, Dave, a friend of Dave's whose name I didn't get, Teresa and Stephanie. There were a lot of different paces so we got spread out plus, at this temperature, Tom, who gets cold and Teresa, who swims without a wetsuit, and are both fast swimmers, don't hang around for the rest of us to catch up. 

Everyone getting together at the first buoy.

Teresa, Tom and Tim at the last buoy 
Tom, Teresa, Stephanie and Tim at the end of the Avila Pier. 

This was the front group. I had caught up with them at the end of the buoy line and here at the end of the pier but that was it. They got to the buoy at the creek mouth far enough ahead of me to not want to wait. I sort of chased them back to the pier and onto the beach.


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